1) Nut Milks

Hazelnut, Almond, Coconut, Cashew...I've curated an entire library in my fridge (Hazelnut's the best).  I love cheese but am going through a phase of aversion towards milk - there's something a bit too direct about it emerging from a cow's udder.


2) More of a good thing...

When good restaurants lead to more good restaurants: Jason Atherton (one of my favourite restaurateurs) has another arriving in the next few months & there has been confirmation of Honey & Smoke, a follow on from the cramped Middle Eastern haven, Honey & Co.


3) Pici (i.e. pasta directly out of The Twits)

Not cut or extruded, but rolled between palms into thick worm-like strands, this is the pasta from Southern Tuscany & rather like what I imagine Mrs Twit feeds Mr Twit in that wicked Dahl tale. I used to be put off, but have grown rather fond of it.  Give it a go.


4) Almost mouldy bananas

One man's mottled brown squidgy banana, is another man's supremely moist and delicious banana cake.


1) Restaurant tables too close to each other...

Finding the next door table's conversation bleeding into yours?

Knocked over next door table's meal on an innocent loo trip?

Yup. I've had enough too...


2) Power protein balls

"Why don't we get cheap quotidian ingredients, mush them up to a revolting grey/beige amalgam & sell them at 1000% mark up in matt packaging so people think they're healthy?"

"Yeah great idea!" 


3) No bookings restaurants

"2 hours wait till the next table...yes at 10.30pm...you can have a drink at the bar though".  So the conversation has gone for the last 3 attempts to get a table at the much hyped Som Saa and innumerable other restaurants.  What makes you think that I want to waste 1/12 of my day imbibing fermented sugar.  I came to the restaurant to eat.


4) Fatty meat

A common occurrence for me at the moment. Gelatinous. Unswallowable. Offload from mouth to napkin every time.